Year Without Winter 1877-1878

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Year Without Winter 1877-1878

Postby Ptarmigan » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:18 pm

There was a winter that was very warm. It occurred in 1877-1878. That winter had a strong El Nino like in 1982-1983, 1997-1998, and 2015-2016.

The Year Without a Winter: 1877-78 ... inter.html

Minnesota's "Year Without a Winter"

Minneapolis and St. Pauls had a very warm winter, along with the Midwest. For the Twin Cities, it is the warmest winter on record to this very day.

This shows that extremely strong El Nino does not lead to cold winters. Weak to moderate El Nino have produced some of the coldest winters on record.

I used this site to plot. ...

Turns out there is strong ridging over Hudson Bay, west of Ireland, east of Japan, and Central Siberia. There is troughing over Alaska and Texas.

This would suggest a positive East Pacific Oscillation (EPO) and West Pacific Oscillation (WPO). Positive EPO and WPO has troughing, while negative EPO and WPO have ridging. The ridging over Hudson Bay would suggest negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) due to ridging. However, it is a positive NAO.

NAO Data Since 1821
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Re: Year Without Winter 1877-1878

Postby unome » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:29 pm

the info you post is fascinating, alway enjoy reading your posts

MN (my home state) broke "ice-out-dates" records all over the state in 2012, but Minnetonka's record from 1878 does still hold, as does Osakis, where data records have been kept 136 & 144 years. The 2012 "records" have not been kept nearly as long ... orical.htm
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